Wednesday, June 23, 2010



RESENTMENT: To hold bad feelings against anyone – To remember how others have hurt us – To desire retribution on those who hurt us – To judge others harshly – To want revenge.
ANGER OR HATRED: To desire harm for others – The opposite of wanting good things or a good life for others – Bitterness.
PREJUDICE: To automatically pre-judge others as being inferior – To feel superior to others who are “different”.

1. With whom am I angry?

2. Do I blame others for trouble I made for myself? Whom? Why?

3. Whom do I wish to hurt because I feel they have hurt me?

4. Am I in spiritual shape to pray: "Forgive I forgive those who trespass against me"?

5. Do I say that I forgive but still hold resentments? Against whom?

6. Do I honestly try to forgive others for their past offenses?

7. Am I honestly happy when the offender changes for the good?

8. Do I resent people who "have me pegged" and try to help me?

9. Do I resent others who receive promotions, raises or praises?

10. Do I have contempt for anyone? Whom?

11. Am I prejudiced against people of other races and colors and classes?

12. How would I react if I were the object of my own prejudices?

13. Do I condemn someone for their wrongs without having a sincere desire that they change for the better? Whom?

14. Do I try to understand why other people are unkind or kind to me?

15. Do I try to understand why other people do things that are right or wrong?

16. Do I see that anger, resentment and prejudice are really a spiritual and mental form of murder?

17. Do I ask God for mercy while I deny it to someone else?

18. Do I believe that God will have mercy on me even though I don't think I deserve it?

19. Do I set conditions that others must fulfill before I will love them?

20. Do I demand results from others before I am willing to forgive them?

21. Does God set conditions for me (like being perfect) before He would forgive and love me?

22. What am I going to do with my angers, resentments, prejudices and murders?

23. How will I have strength and love so I won't be angry, judge, condemn or resent others?

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