Friday, June 25, 2010



1. Do I insist on things being done my way?

2. Do I think that I am an "expert"? In what areas?

3. Do I think I can manage most things better than those in charge?

4. Am I constantly critical of the boss? The police? Other authorities?

5. Am I impatient with people who do not meet my standards?

6. Do I meet my own standards?

7. Do I consider myself better than anyone else? Whom?

8. Have I the ability to discipline myself?

9. Do I realize I am giving God orders when I damn someone or something?

10. Do I treat God as a "nobody" because I use His name loosely, without thinking or caring?

11. Do I give God orders in my prayers?

12. Do I think God's will must match my will?

13. Do I think I can benefit from God's blessing even though I'm too lazy or conceited to maintain conscious contact with Him?
14. Do I accept behavior in myself that I would not tolerate in others?

15. Do I think too highly of my judgment or am I willing to listen to the opinions of others?

16. Do I trust God completely or do I count on Him only when I'm in trou¬ble?

17. Is my life unmanageable without the power of God?

18. How conceited am I?

19. Do I criticize myself and others continually?

20. Do I lack faith in God because I fail to see the purpose and newness of life God offers me?

21. What am I going to do with my conceit?

22. How will I have the strength to overcome the temptation of conceit?

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