Friday, August 31, 2007

Slug Season!

Okay, what the heck are these slimy critters up to here? They are wrapped around a transluscent kind of blob. Are they doing the nasty??? That's all we need, MORE SLUGS!! Are they creating a big blob? Remember the movie in the 50's "Beware of the Blob"? I think it was the first creepy show made.

Tonight I went to my AA meeting but instead of the meeting, we had a "living wake" for one of our special friends that has cancer and maybe a few months to live. It was kind of weird having him there, but we had him sit in a recliner with his wife next to him and we all had a chance to share our feelings with him. I shared that he made me feel welcome at the first Bluebox AA meeting by him getting up and offering me coffee when I walked in the door. I thought I was special until I noticed he did that to all newcomers. He will be missed dearly. About 200 people showed up to give him love. We all shared then put in a few laughs. This picture shows that we all hug each other and AA has a special bind with each of us. He is the one on the left with his back to us. I blurred the photo so no-one would be recognized.

Boy, this has been a tough week with Ellen leaving us, the wake for My friend here. Another friend showed up to the meeting and she has the same prognosis! But the good thing is, they each have Faith and that gives them much courage and hope.
Hope for the here after. Hope that when we die, we will be in heaven and our pain and addictions will leave us! We will shed these bodies (which I will GLADLY shed) and who knows what we will look like? Be like? I just know that we will be with Jesus and that makes me happy! Some of you don't believe that, so maybe you won't be with Jesus. Maybe there is another place you are going to that will be better or worse? Whatever your belief, that is fine but I sure like the feeling I have believing in Jesus and living with the hope of meeting him and being forgiven for my sins! Whew! AMEN!
Well I have no idea where all that came from, but I am heading to bed now.
Have a marvelous weekend and please drive safe!
If you drink....please don't drive!!