Sunday, July 01, 2007

I'm just lazy I guess

I seem to forget I have a blog, or am just lazy. I see it has been over a week since I posted. I have a busy life as many of you know, so I blog when I can. I am busy in any of the spare time I have trying to finish off an afghan I started for a couple that is getting married. It is using a small needle and soft yarn. I guess it is like an oversized baby afghan. It is taking forever to finish, but it is nice.
I only work two days this week as I have alot of comp time coming to me from all the training I have been doing the past few months. So I have the 4th off and am going to a BBQ. Thursday is swimming and Friday I might have the day to myself. Ahhhhh, Calgon take me away! My friend is getting married Saturday, and then Sunday is Church.
I certainly hope you all have a fun and safe 4th!!

Believe in miracles.
I sure do!