Wednesday, July 11, 2007

This a record breaking HOT day today!

I slept hard last night and had a weird dream. In the dream (Ican't spell dreamt, drempt, wha??)So any way, in my dream I was ashamed of myself that I gave up my 20 years sobriety. Then I couldn't find out how or why I did. I finally got up this morning and was moving really slow and my head was not quite clear. I realized as I was getting ready for work that I felt horrible! My throat was raw like I might have snored last night, but I sleep with a CPAP machine and cannot snore, so it was sore for another reason. As I was getting dressed I realized I was sick, so I called in to work to tell them I was sick. Well in my foggy state I forgot that I was supposed to be in at 8:00am to be with the design team for our new facility we want to build in the (hopefully)near future. I was told to go ahead and stay home, but I was feeling guilty and went in anyway. I introduced myself and my boss looked at me and sent me home. The hottest day of the century and I call in sick. Yeah, right!
Now I realize the dream was because of the bartending last Saturday and my not feeling good in the middle of the night. My subconscious was telling me I was hung over. HA! Fooled you, mr subconscious!! I came home, got undressed and went back to bed and woke up at 1:00pm. The temperature outside got up to 98 degrees, and my brand spanking new portable air conditioner is working quite well!!
It is still hot in here, but not like an oven. Next year I might buy a window unit for the spare room to keep this side of the house cooler. I am not getting any younger, and when I retire I will need to be cool, as one of the side effects of diabetes is that your internal thermostat quits working like it should and heat is getting harder and harder to bear.
Meet Mr. Cool!
Mr. Cool is facing the other side of the house. It cools 400 square feet and my house is 900 square feet.

I hope you all can stay cool. I'm going to get some theraflu now.

I sell Mary Kay cosmetics, but if you can't afford the masks,
use Elmer's Glue -
paint on your face,
allow it to dry,
peel off and see the dead skin and blackheads.