Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!!

My two kitties helping me blog!! Posted by Picasa

Well it is 11:30 on Thanksgiving Eve.
I went to Church tonight and took my Mexican friend Maria and another friend Sheryl. Maria said she wouldn't understand anything, but I told her to go and feel Jesus in her heart. As we were singing our Praise songs, I noticed she was swinging and clapping louder than I was and she was smiling! The Pastor asked for any testimonies of anyone that had anything to be thankful for this year. My friend Steve (Sheryl's husband)told about his healing of a stroke he had in March then I told about my healing of getting off of insulin in march! We had communion, and she understood what that meant. On the way home Maria said with tears that she loved me and so does Saul (her husband)and her two sons Aaron and Chris. She said they love me like a mom! We all got to crying happy tears.
I got home around 9:00 and noticed a package on my doorstep! It was a card and a coffee mug with a picture of a darling little kitten with a butterfly on it's nose and a butterfly in the mug. The card was signed "For all that you do, we are thankful for you". It was signed by the buswash guys!! I was their supervisor for years and someone else took over their supervision this Summer because I have way too much to do. Well that got more happy tears flowing!!

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I am sitting here feeling full of love!! I remember so many other Thanksgiving Eve's when I was bartending and everyone in the bar was neglecting their chores and running to Safeway for pumpkin pies!! Whew, I am so glad I am not a drunk any more!
I have alot to be thankful for this year!!
I have my Faith!!
My sobriety!!
I have my health back
I have a sister that loves me
I have a brother that loves me
two nephews and a niece that love me and they all are healthy!
Numerous friends
a great Church
a great job
a house that is paid for
two loving healthy cats
a great car
a boss that loves me
people that work with me actually LIKE me!
All my friends on the blogging world!
sigh, life is goooood!
I sure hope everyone has a Happy and safe Thanksgiving!!