Monday, March 01, 2004


I went to bed early last night and read for an hour then fell asleep about 11:00. About 2:30 this morning I awoke from a sound sleep, and my cat was next to me looking out the bedroom door, eyes big as saucers. So I quietly got out of bed and grabbed my air horn, and looked throughout the house. Nothing amiss. So I attempted to go back to sleep. HA!! I maybe got another hour or so.
I called my sister today from work, and she told me she felt weird. I asked How so, and she said she woke up in the middle of the night feeling a sense of impending doom!! I asked what time, and she said 2:30!! Hmmm.......I asked the guy in my office if he woke in the middle of the night and he said yes, around 3:00!! Hmmmm......A little Stephen King plot starting here!! Speaking of Stephen King, he is starting a new 13 episode series beginning this Wednesday night. "Kingdom Hall" about a haunted hospital!! Right down my alley!! YAHOO...I hope it is at 9:00 on Wed and not 10:00!! But if it's 10:00 I will just be getting to bed late on Wed & Thursday nights!! (E.R. is at ten on Thursdays).
Tonight I am struggling to stay awake until 9:00pm then attempt going to bed again!!
Until the next blog....