Sunday, March 28, 2004

Just a concern...

For probably the first time ever for a Saturday night, I went to bed at 9:30 because I was tired. I started a new book and wanted to read. I was asleep at 10:00. At 12:15 the phone rang. It was a Deputy Sheriff. He said I am so sorry to call you this late. I said then why did you?! He said that two brothers, aged 12 & 13 were put on the 4:30 ferry last evening and were supposed to take the 5:00 bus north to Oak Harbor, but they never arrived at their destination! I called Frank the Ops Manager to come help me, then I got dressed and went to the bus barn and pulled the tapes from three buses. The Deputy Sheriff, the boys father, Frank and I watched the tapes, but the kids were not on the tapes. The poor father was beside himself!!
He said the kids take the bus all the time and nothing has ever happened! He said the kids are great kids and never in trouble!
The mother said she watched them get on the ferry. They never got on our bus, so something strange happened from the ferry. I felt so sorry for the father. Now I am worried and fretting wondering what has happened to those kids. It is not on the news. I called ICOM this morning and so far no word. I know that 13 is the age kids become mischievious, so hopefully they just went to a different friends house or someplace safe!! This is not a dangerous area, but then we all like to think that of our towns, don't we?!
My heart goes out to all parents at times like this!!
The advantages or disadvantages of living in a small town is....Call Phyllis, she works at the transit!! And they definately all know Phyllis!! HAHAHAHA