Saturday, March 13, 2004

My yard

Well I am through procrastinating, and finally had a guy out here yesterday to give me an estimate on my yard. My back yard is only about 50x15 feet, but it is an eye sore!! I will take before and after pictures. I do not have a lawn mower, so my neighbor mows it. I have four raised beds and they are full of waist high weeds. I have horrific allergies that keep me from going outside and working in the yard. I used to love gardening, but now the yard has turned into a jungle and I have guilt pangs just thinking about it!! So....I am having a guy put weed block over it and lay white gravel where the grass is, and Lava rock where the raised beds are. I have three whiskey barrels I can put on the Lava rock and plant something in those. I can buy different planters to place sporadically, and benches and table. I am going to have 1/4 of it bricked for a patio effect.
It will be expensive, but it will be permanent!! It will probably take a few months to do it, as he will do it after work to make it cheaper on me. I don't care, I want a pretty place to come home to after work and RELAX!!!