Thursday, March 04, 2004

Spring Storms

I was sitting at my computer last night and turned the television off so I could hear the rain hit my metal roof. It was raining pretty hard, and I love to hear the rain!! I heard that we will get some gale force winds tomorrow so got all excited about that (I love storms as some of you know), then started reading the blogs, and saw Dick's blog about twisters in the area, then heard that someone was killed by his car hydroplaning on the wet road. Winds up to 80mph in Oklahoma, big rig trucks blown over, power outages....well I guess we just have some misty rain and a little breeze compared to the rest of the country!! But I am still excited about a possible storm coming in!! I hate to hear about deaths and destruction though!!
Just love to hear the wind whistle and rain hit the roof.
Am still waiting to hear how Bilbo (Leslie & Carl's cat) came through his VET visit.
Tomorrow is my favorite day of the week, FRIDAY!! YAHOO!!!
Later, Folks!!