Sunday, January 28, 2007

Spring is near!

Ah, the day is beautiful! The sun is out, blue skies, no wind and 50 degrees! I have all my windows open to air this house out! The cats are going crazy trying to get out, but I won't let them for until Elliott is feeling better! He will run to a neighbors house and eat the food.
I was in the kitchen grating carrots for some carrot muffins and the power went out and I heard a boom!! Well SWELL! Now what? I knew it wasn't my house because the power went out first then I heard the boom. Come to find out, a transformer blew over by the high school (1 block away). It came back on an hour later. Gads, I feel like we live in the sticks any more! That's ok, I am just fine without powerr for awhile.
I see the pussy willows are out and starting to go to pollen AAAAHHHHCHOOOO!
Thr rose bushes are starting to get little buds for leaves, so time to prune them. (tomorrow maybe).
Well time for a nappie poo.

Make peace with your past so it won't screw up the present.