Wednesday, January 24, 2007

God is good

I went to work Monday for two hours then said I needed to go home and take care of my water heater. I went home and got my car and went to Oak Harbor and checked out the prices and models at Sears then at an appliance store. Sears was $20.00 more than the appliance store which was $249.00. The appliance store told me I had to have my heater removed and then call for a person to install it that might cost $500.00 or more!
I went home and felt very overwhelmed with frustration and stress. I called my pastor friend Tom and asked him for prayer. He told me to call a few other places then he and a friend would come over the next day and see what they could do. I gave my frustrations to God then called those places and found out that right next door to my trailer court is the water heater just my size and for $219.00!! To top things off, it was the ONLY water heater they had!! Whew.
Ok, then Tom came by to help me drain the heater. As he was doing that my brother called to ask what happened at my house last night, and of I was ok! I laughed and told him. He came over with his truck and removed my water heater and got the new one and they installed it and by 4:30pm I had hot water and was taking a nap!! PRAISE GOD!

Last night I noticed my cat Elliott was going to the litter box too many times and talking out loud and throwing litter EVERYWHERE!! uh-oh.
I took him to the Vet today and they took a urine sample and said he had blood in his urine and calcium deposits. They gave me some antibiotics to give to him and told me he has to be on a special diet. Swell! They sold me the food, $26.00 for a case of canned food and $21.00 for a 10# bag of dry food. Of course I have to give Punkin the same food so he won't cheat and eat hers! And being the disaster prepared person I am, I have ALOT of cat food to give to my sister now! PHFFFT!
I asked the Vet if it was ok to give him treats. NOPE!! OH GOSH, how am I going to get by with that? I won't be able to get to bed without giving them their treats!! I can't give Punkin hers and not let Elliott have his! Maybe I can sneak some of the dry food in a plastic bag and sprinkle it with catnip!
I'll try it!

I gave them the first can of food today and they both loved it!! HOORAY!! One hurdle over with.

I'll let you know tomorrow how the bedtime treats go!

Frame every so-called disaster with these words: "In five years, will this matter?"

UPDATE: I gave them the catnip laced dry food at bedtime, and Elliott looked at it and sniffed it then looked at me with his ears back, and jumped down and went to play with his catnip toy. Punkin on the other hand gobbled all the food up and licked the sheets! Yep...she's my kitty alright!