Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I am one LUCKY gal!

Last night it was very windy again, in fact probably the windiest yet here. I got home and started cooking my dinner before the power went out. I turned the burner on high and put the meat in the pan and pop! The power went out. I had my friend with me and it was funny how I never really batted an eye, I went to the cupboard and got the campstove out, put it on the stove (after it cooled) and finished dinner. I cleaned up and left the grill out for coffee in the morning.
I went to bed at 8pm because I was to go out at 2:00am to check the roads so the buses can get out there.
I woke up at midnight and the power was still out so I turned over and the power came on. I was going to stay in bed but decided to get up and check email, news, etc. I was sitting at the kitchen table and smelled something hot. I looked around and saw the campstove with propane bottle smoking!! MY GOSH, I forgot to turn off the burner I was cooking on and put the stove on top of the burner when the power went off!! I jumped up and turned off the burner then carefully pulled the hot smoking campstove with propane bottle off the burner.
WHEW!! Am I one lucky gal!! I could've lost my house. If I didn't wake up when I did or if the power came on before I woke up I'd be a goner for sure!!
That wasn't a coincident, it was a coinciGOD!! Thank you Lord for waking me up!!
And I was a firefighter for 15 years, and I am the Safety officer for work!
We all make DUMB mistakes once in awhile, but I'm the first to admit, that was DUMB!!

I went to work and checked the roads, there were numerous, too many to count that were down over the roads, but I do believe they were cut up and sold for firewood before they hit the ground! Alot of guys have pickup trucks with chainsaws in the back. I got back to the office and went home around 8:00am and slept for 4 hours. I woke up at 1pm and noticed it was snowing hard. Then the phone rang and I was up and running again checking out the roads. We got about 4 inches in and hour. It was beautiful and dangerous! It took me a half hour to go a mile because there were so many cars in the ditches. I guess it hit hard and fast! The storm has stopped and now it is COLD!! We are getting an Arctic blast coming down from Canada (thank you Leslie and Kat).

Go wish my sister a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Tomorrow is her birthday and she loves snow, so she got her wish.