Sunday, August 27, 2006

What a beautiful day we had here today! I went to Church then came home and changed clothes and went to the beach for a picnic with my friends here. The water was perfect, the breeze was slight, and the sun wasn't killing us.
Two big ships were leaving the Sound and either Dolphins, Salmon or Orcas were splashing like crazy out about 100 feet. I couldn't get a picture. Just as they jumped I'd click my camera then they would be under the water. Oh well, I think it was Dolphins. Salmon jump closer to the shore unless I'm fishing, then they jump just out of reach. I swear they yell nanner nanner nanner, but the waves make too much noise to hear!
I love being busy, but then the weekends fly by too quick. Life is good and I try to make every minute count!! Speaking of which, I better get in the shower and wash my hair! Have a marvelous Monday, we get to have next Monday off!! WHOOOT!

The early worm gets eaten by the bird,
so sleep late.