Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Blogger meeting

I went to Burlington to Costco today with my fried Maria, then got home at 4:30 then a blogger friend Rexie called me and we met for dinner at Toby's Tavern. She came to the Island to see her brother-in-law. He lives 25 miles down the Island from me. She also has a friend of hers that moved here a few months ago so we three met and had fresh Halibut and chips in the local Tavern on the Water. I just noticed how bad I look, but heck, it was HOT today and I melted!! I came home and made a huge pan of Miss Maude's spaghetti for tomorrow. I just sat down (it is 11:30pm).
Tomorrow I get to Church at 8:30 to practice with the Praise team, then the service, then rush home for spaghetti lunch and then to the beach for a baptizm. Then I can come home and REST!!

So Sven and Ole go to the beach, and after a couple hours Sven says, "This ain't no fun. How come the girls aren't friendly to me?"
"Well, I tell you, Sven, maybe if you put a potato in your swim trunks that would help."
---So Sven does, but he comes back to Ole later, and he says, "I tried what you told me with the potato, but it doesn't help."
"No, Sven --- you're supposed to put the potato in the front."