Thursday, August 24, 2006

And the rest of the story.....

I had to be sure of the facts before I told the rest.
I stopped by the Marshalls office today to get the scoop.
It seems the guy at the trailer park got drunk in the cafe next to it and was arguing with some people there. He came home and his mom said he got mad and said he was going to kill himself and grabbed a 3 gallon can of gas and locked himself in his trailer. There was only a gallon of gas in the can which is worse than being full (fumes). He then yelled out the door that anyone coming near him will blow up too, so mom called 911.
He refused to cooperate with the police, so that is why they evacuated the trailer court. There are only about 15 trailers there, so they went door to door and asked everyone to quietly leave by foot to the Park & Ride where our bus was waiting for them. We took them to the Recreation Hall downtown and the Red Cross brought coffee and refreshments. I went home to wait for a call from 911 to go get the people and take them home, and at 4:00 went to sleep because the Transit was open by then. At 6:00am he finally came out on his porch and turned to go back inside his trailer, and that is when an officer from the S.W.A.T. Team shot him in the back with a rubber bullett. He was knocked down and they apprehended him.
When the police went inside his trailer they found the can with wires attaced to it, and all he had to do was to plug it in and KABOOOOM!!
Poor guy. He has a manic depression and he quit taking his medications and drank. That will do it to ya! He is now in the State Hospital for mental Illness being evaluated.
His step father committed suicide at the same place about 30 years ago. He was drunk too, and was going to kill himself and grabbed a knife. His best friend was arguing with him and tried to grab the knife from him and while doing so, he slit his throat accidentally. DANG!
Well I am glad he is put away now and getting the help he needs.
So how was your week?

Accept that some days you're the pigeon,
and some days you're the statue.