Saturday, June 17, 2006

Last night was Birthday night at my 'Bluebox' AA meeting.
We meet in the recreation room of the Southern Baptist Church and we keep all our supplies in a big blue cupboard so that is why we call ourselves the Blue box group.
I got my nineteen year chip last night. I took a friend from Church with me who has as many years sober. I was roasted by alot of the people there that have been there about as long as me. Two were people from work. One had called me last year asking for help and he has been goin for 8 months now. It was rather humbling to hear everyone talk about me like they did. I have alot of friends and support in AA. I also have alot of friends and support in Church. I am so very very blessed to have found sobriety when I did. I cannot imagine what my life would be like if I did not take that turn in the road 19 years ago! I'd be dead by now I'm sure!
God had other plans for me that is for sure, and I feel Him working in my life!!

This morning a friend from Church called me in desperation. She is moving from her boyfriend. They have been together three years but not married. She did not like living like that so decided it was marriage or bye bye. Sometimes we get the answer we don't want. She has been living in the woods in an old camper for two nights and I didn't like the situation so I cleaned out my spare room somewhat and told her she could stay here until she could get on her feet and save enough money to get her own place. I have been planning on cleaning out that room for years, and got the push today! She can put her queen size bed in there after I get rid of my stained glass supplies. I haven't touched them in years so it is time to let someone use it that wants it. Well maybe I'll put it all in a storage unit until I decide what I want to do with it. I think the storage unit is about $19.00 a month, so it is reasonable before I make a rash decision and give it all away. I haven't touched the stuff in about 10 years, but I can guarantee you if I give it away I will all of a sudden want to make all this 'stuff'!
I hope everyone has a great Fathers Day!

"I've learned that even when I have pains, I don't have to be one."