Thursday, June 08, 2006

Good grief, Punkin! My what a long tongue you have! It's amazing how a cat's tongue can stretch while they are cleaning themselves. Punkin's fur is as soft as a rabbitt's, and she is constantly cleaning herself....all but her butt! She can't reach it! HAHAHAHA She doesn't eat much, but she is a roly poly cat.
My friend Chris came over tonight to see me and all he did was play with the laser light with Elliott, and pet Punkin! It is raining today and the kids are bored. One more week of school and Summer begins. I'd better stock up on popsicles!!

I find the news of al-Zarqawi rather disturbing. It saddens me. I don't mourn his death, no way! He was an evil vile monster, but I just feel like the worst is yet to come. This feeling of impending doom seems to grab my heart. I hope it is just the rainy gloomy day.

Tomorrow is Friday and I am looking forward to it!! The training I have been doing is coming to a close and I need to concentrate and fine tune the new route before July 10th. Maybe in September I can take some time off and go somewhere!!

I am overdue, that is for sure! Heck, maybe I'll jump on the Alaska Ferry again and go see the inside passage! Let's see now, I can catch the ferry Malaspina on Tuesday Sept 19 6:oopm, and ride up through Ketchican, Wrangell, Petersburg, Sitka, Juneau, Haines & finally Skagway. I'd then leave Skagway and go back to Haines on Sat 23, at 9:45am, and deboard and stay there until Mon the 25th and board the Columbia at 10:30pm and go to Juneau arriving Tue the 26th at 6:45am. Id then stay in Juneau until Thu the 28th at 1:15pm then catch the Matanuska and ride down through Sitka then to Petersburg arriving Friday the 29th at 1:30pm. I'd stay there until sun the 1st at 3:30am and catch the Malaspina and ride through Wrangell, Ketchican, and finally back to Bellingham on Tue 3rd at 8:00am! All that would cost $734.00 just to ride the ferry, not counting the food. I'd sleep up on the deck under the solarium on the deck chairs in my sleeping bag. Well this was only dreaming, but it sure gave me something fun to do for an hour!
What are you doing this Summer?

"I've learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow."