Sunday, June 04, 2006

CTK Women's Retreat 2006!

I left Friday afternoon around 3:00 to picked up my friends Deb, Alisa, Linda & Diane. Now mind you, I have a Mazda MPV that seats 7 people and a little storage in the back. I told everyone to pack lightly. I guess I should have listened to myself! After I packed my stuff in the back of the car I took up half the storage space. I had to call one gal to tell her she better drive herself as we won't have room for her. I then picked up Deb, and she took up the rest of the back. Hmmm, this is going to be interesting! I then picked up Alisa and she didn't have too much, so we crammed her stuff in then picked up Linda. By the time we got all her stuff in we were on our way. We only had about 20 miles to go to Quaker Cove.

We checked in and were assigned our cabins. Ummmmm, the first cabin was two rooms and was a log framed shack. There were four bunkbeds in the first room and 6 bunk beds in the second room with a pot bellied woodstove in the center. This looks like a place that belongs in Skagway Alaska at the turn of the century with the gold rush going on. Deb, Alisa and another friend Carol stayed in this cabin.
We climbed up the hill to our cabin. It was alot better! There was a kitchenette and a flushing toilet in there!! Two small bedrooms downstairs (I had one by myself because I have an APNEA machine and need to be separated, which made me VERY grateful that I have sleep apnea) and 4 other gals were in the other room, then upstairs there were bunkbeds that slept 10. My sister-in-law Sherri met us there and she slept upstairs along with Linda and Diane.

The retreat was a success!
It was a bit too rustic however, This is the first Chapel I have seen with a port-a-potty outside! Well I guess it is better outside than inside, huh?

The speaker was dynamic and very enthusiastic which kept our attention! She spoke Friday night then we sang some praise songs then went to our cabins for junk food. Lights out was to be at 10:00 but we stayed up laughing out loud until at least midnight. We got up at 8:00 and went to breakfast and then to the Chapel. The Chapel was across the street and we had to go under the road in a tunnel to get there. We sang more songs and had a service then went to lunch then had a three hour free time. I did not get much sleep that night as I had a queen mattress on top of a double box springs, so I was sleeping in a slant and had to hold on most of the night. I woke up at 4:00 with the worst charlie horse ever, and almost screamed out loud in agony but realized I would frighten the entire camp, as it was like the setting of one of those horror movie murder scenes with a maniac wearing a hocky mask running around swinging an axe! HAHAHAHA dang, maybe I should have!!! HAHAHAHA
I guess I should tell you the entire camp is built on a hill, so we go up about 40 steps from the parking lot to the dining hall, then out and up to the first cabin, then up another hill to our cabin hence, the charlie horse.
Any way, about half of the gals went canoeing, and I took a nap like old women do.
We had dinner at 5:00 (they fed us quite well)!! After dinner we went back over to the Chapel for about two hours and again the speaker was dynamic!!
We then broke for the night and half the gals sat around a campfire, and the rest came to my cabin for facials and pedicures!! Nice!!

Sunday morning we had breakfast at 8:00 then cleaned the cabins and packed the cars and went to the Chapel again. It was raining today so everything started to get muddy with pine needles. My car is a mess! We sang some more, prayed and again the speaker was great. We ended the session at noon and went to lunch, then at 2:00 we came home. By the time I dropped everybody off and got home it was 3:30.
Would I do this again? You BETCHA!! It was very inspiring and we all bonded.

God loves everyone, but probably prefers
"fruits of the spirit" over "religious nuts!"