Saturday, January 29, 2005

Living on the Edge? ME???

On Thurday my sister posted about me on her blog. She says I live on the edge.
Well I guess that is true. I remember the giddy feeling I'd get just before I did something wrong and then running off giggling like heck!! I still giggle when I get scared, only now I pee my pants along with the giggling which makes me giggle even more, then break out in hysterics!
Well last night I was really living on the edge. I volunteered to babysit my boss's 3 kids (2, 4 & 6) so her and her hubby could go out together with grown-ups.
The girls insisted that I watch Balto 2 with them.
Well ok, I insisted!
Anyway, Bob explained and showed me how he set up the TV to play the movie. I guess they have a satellite dish that has the thingamajig that records movies of your choice and let's you play them whenever you want. Well OK, he showed me what to do, then I followed the steps and got the movie going, then I pushed "pause" to wait for the girls to come down stairs to watch the movie. They came down, Bob put the wee one to bed then left. I pressed "Play" and it started rolling. No sound. UH-OH!!! May started getting excited and told me to push the noise button. I pushed about every button on that danged remote and nothing happened! May was all excited then ran to the front door as her dad was driving away, and we all were yelling STOP!!! HELP!!! BOB!! COME BACK!!!
You got it.....he kept right on going. I was crying as I watched his tailights disappear.
Well ok, I can handle it. It must be something simple. I'll just turn the TV off and start over. Well I couldn't even turn off the TV!! Both girls were all excited, grabbing the remote and pushing buttons, running to the TV and pushing the buttons there. I grabbed the remote back and yelled at them to let me figure it out, then I felt horrible that I yelled at them! There was a small moment of stunned silence....then they both broke into hysterical laughter rolling on the floor!!!! I said "what, are you laughing because you made me mad"? They both giggled "yes"!! Hmmmmpppff!!!
I asked May to bring me the other remote. I noticed the remote was for the "dish". She brought over a basket of remotes!!! OMG!!!! There must've been 6 remotes in that basket!!I saw the word on a remote that was on the TV, so I guessed it was the right remote.
I called the Tavern and asked if Bob was there. Nope! After about 1/2 hour something I pushed worked, and the movie started working but it was loud. May & Tai Yelled "It's too loud"!! I couldn't figure out how to turn the volume down, so I said we are watching the movie as it is.....period!!
WHEW!! Martha called about 10:00 and asked if everything was ok, and I said "of course. I just had a remote problem but I figured it out"!
We watched the movie, the girls went to bed, I figured how to turn the channels and turn the sound down. Mom and dad came home around midnight and I threw myself at their feet and started kissing them!!
I told them the trauma of the night and they both were laughing as hard as the girls!!

If raising children was going to be easy,
it never would have started with something called LABOR!

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