Friday, January 07, 2005


I found this photo on KOMO 4 News page.
I love it! There is snow all around us, and I think maybe Vegasbaby even got snow up in Victoria, but we don't have any yet. It is 33 degrees, but they are calling for snow around midnight. We'll see. They always tease us about the white stuff. Most of the snow is in Bellingham about 50 miles North. That is where I am going on Sunday for 5 days. After 15 years of training bus drivers I am going to a school on how to train bus drivers. My boss said I didn't need it, but I would like to go just to see if I am doing it right, and maybe pick up a few pointers. Besides, it'll give me another certificate to hang on my wall to make me look more professional!
It is Friday night, and I am heading into the big city for my AA meeting. I love January meetings. There are usually new faces there because of the holiday rush on DUI's!! hahahaha
Later folks...

I don't do drugs.
I get the same effect just standing up fast.

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