Monday, February 04, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Thanks for the Birthday Greetings everyone!!
I had a busy day at work. About 9:00 my sister called me and told me Mike was sick again and she was going to go "brother sit" him. I called her back about an hour later and asked her how many times he was sick. She said he got sick about every hour since 1:00am. I told her he needed to get some electrolytes in him and some Pottasium. She took him into the ER and spent most of the day there and he got home about 2:30. Dangit, I hate this! I wish they could send some I.V. solution home and I can go hang it for him when he gets that sick instead of wearing him out taking him to the hospital! I'll check into that.

I got off work at 4:30 and had to go to a meeting tonight for a new group. I call them the "granolas". You know the type...half the cars had bumper stickers "Liberal and proud of it", I think I was the only gal there that had make-up on. They were probably all thinking "She is wearing lipstick and they kill whales to make lipstick"! I also had groceries in my car in plastic bags and the subject tonight was making plastic bags illegal in Washington State! Well okay, then lets kill all them trees for paper bags!! No, they want all of us to carry our own canvas bags.
They also passed around a paper about making it illegal to sell water in plastic 8 ounce bottles. Oh fer craps sakes you guys, so let's all drink beer in aluminum cans and toss them out our car windows!! I came home after the meeting and flushed my toilet about 10 times just to make up for all the water they saved today!!
I worked with a Paramedic that is a vegetarian and he conserved everything! He would not flush the toilet! "If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down". So everytime I saw the yellow toilet water I'd flush it three times and really piss him off!! We called him the "Veg-o-medic".

Okay, I vented. I really didn't want to go to that meeting tonight but I did. They are people that are really concerned about the world and I respect that. I'm concerned too. In fact we all should be concerned....BUT NOT ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!
Hehehe I feel better now. If this post disappears then you'll know it got read by the wrong person and I needed to get rid of the evidence!