Sunday, February 17, 2008

Annual birthday Dinner

My two best friends and I treated ourselves to a birthday dinner Friday night. We have been friends for over 20 years, and get together at least once a year. we all live close (within 2 miles) of each other but we are so busy that we just can't find the right times to get together. I gave up my night af AA for this. The waitress heard it was a birthday celebration so brought us some to die for desserts! The Tiramisu had a great taste, and we realized it had booze soaked in it. Don't worry folks, I will NOT change my AA anniversary date because of that! It's not like I DRANK it for goodness sakes!! Ok, well maybe I did pick up the plate and licked it clean, but I did NOT get drunk on it! Well ok, we did act like teenagers while eating it and giggled our heads off then peed our pants a bit then giggled even louder and more hysterical because we are now OLD and pee our pants every time we get the hysterical giggles!! I told them they make Poise "pull-ups" and maybe we should consider getting some next time we get together!! NOT!!
It is fun having friends to share great times with. Alana is a Paramedic and works odd hours, and Debbie is a housewife that stays busier than any of us! She does alot with the Church and goes to alot of different meetings, then there's me.

I took over some Gatorade to my brother. He is sick again. It seems to hit him a week after his chemo treatment. Gatorade replenishes the electrolytes you lose when you get dehydrated from throwing up. Bananas are good for the stomach and has potassium, so I told Sherry to make sure he eats a banana once in awhile. Bless his heart.

We finally had a sunny day today and what did I do? SLEPT!! I came home from Church and laid down to read and woke up two hours later. It's a good thing I did, because Elliott came in from outside and jumped up on my pillow and proceeded to throw up all over my pillow and bottom sheet. (He always seems to run to me when he is getting sick, and cries, too like a little kid)! So I am now washing the sheets again!
Cats like to eat grass to loosen up the innards and get rid of hairballs in their tummies. They usually pick the weirdest places to do it too. Like your pillow, a pair of shoes, even my purse once. (or was it Mary Lou's)? Ahh, but we love our cats!!
Well time to get ready for another week of work.
Hi Ho!!!