Sunday, February 24, 2008


Well I went to the Fitness Center 4 times this week!!
I am gradually working up to a good routine. I was sick on Wednesday, so I stayed home that day. I went to the doctor and he is sending me to a Diabetic specialist in Bellingham. It seems I have an allergic reaction to Metformin. It began last January a month after I started it. I tried to blame it on the fire I had and the Chlorine in the pool but it is also the medicine. I might have to go back on insulin. I'll find out Monday when I go to the specialist.
Meanwhile, I am really trying to keep the right foods going into this body and EXERCISE!!
It's never too late.
I put myself in God's hands and trust in Him. What will be, will be. He gave me a three year reprieve from insulin, and for that I am grateful.
On to the next phase in my wild & whacky life. It is quite the adventure.

Last night the subject at AA was FEAR.
I shared what I went through for years.
I used to be paralyzed with fear of death. I was afraid of thunder storms, driving, (yes, at one time around 1984 I was petrified of driving a car on the highway)!! I used to come home at night and check all the closets, and under the bed for monsters, then re-check in case someone snuck in behind me. I would lay in bed at night crying and afraid to fall asleep in case I died in the night.
After I was working on my step three "Gave my will and my life over to the care of God as I understood him" Well that little step actually got me thinking of God and what life really is about. When I finally got on my knees and really prayed to God and really gave my life to Him, I finally felt Him inside. I feel loved and protected. I don't feel alone anymore.
I can live my life now.
Since I gave my life to God and the fear left me, I was hired on as an EMT and actually drove an ambulance on the FREEWAY with lights and sirens in rush hour to Seattle Harborview Hospital, I drove a Fire Engine, and then a 40' bus! I now train people to drive 40' buses. I have gone camping alone in the mountains, sleeping in a tent in a lonely campground.
Thank you Alcoholics Anonymous for giving me back my life and bringing me back to God!!
Oh, and by the way, ignore that idiot from my last post. I have no idea who or what it is.

P.S. Go check this out.
I like to read simple little murder mysteries, and Jonne Fluke an author, has an orange cat that is in all her books. She has a site with pictures of kitties. My character Elliott made the list. Go check it out and scroll down. He is about the tenth one down.
Have a marvelous week!!