Monday, February 18, 2008

Yep, I did it!!

I joined a fitness center!! Thrive Fitness Center just opened this month and I have a few friends that have joined. I loved the swimming classes, but have a big sensitivity to the chlorine in it so had to quit that. I used to walk three miles after work, but have fallen too many times and caused painful permanent injuries, so I had to quit that too. I LOVE getting the high from exercise, so here I am, trying again!!
I was in Oak Harbor today at quitting time so I stopped at the fitness center to try out the machines for the first time. I put 3 minutes on the elliptical machine, (OUCH) it tightened up my calves into almost a charlie horse, so I went over to the bicycle and put on 5 minutes there. I could feel my legs getting wobbly so I went over to the treadmill and put on 5 minutes there. I don't want to hurt myself the first day, I want to work up to a good work out. I thought that was enough so I was wobbling out the door when my friend Merrily walked in and got all excited to see me! She took me upstairs (I had to pull myself up each step) and she showed me the weight machines. I did 10 cycles on each machine, then noticed I had been there over an hour!! I had to leave to get back to work.
I felt so much better after the workout!! I didn't overdo it, but I did work up a sweat and my legs got wobbly. Tomorrow I will do it again!!
That picture of me gave me the incentive to try and get some of this blubber off this body!!
Whew!! Now to get in my Jetta tub and relax!!