Sunday, February 10, 2008

Been busy

Well there really isn't any big excuse for not blogging, but I have been rather busy lately. I have been training 5 new Operators and in a few more weeks will train more. This seems to be a full time job lately plus my other duties. We are growing faster than we can keep up with! I love it though. No complaints here.

My brother seems to be holding his own. Nothing new to report.

The weather has been WET!! Cold and WET!! Brrr, WINDY and WET!! Typical fer here.

That's it, folks. Nothing exciting to report. I did have to change out my hot water heater elemant AGAIN!! Twice in a year. Sheesh, the water around here eats up elements!
I went to the caucus yesterday. We found out by watching the news that we need to go to the caucus in order for our vote to count. WHAT??? They mailed out absentee ballots to everyone in the State then they tell us the vote doesn't count? The Democrat party decided to go by way of caucus only, and the Republicans are taking a percentage of both the causcus and votes. That doesn't sound legal to me, but what the heck, I'm just a dumb ole country folk who's opinion doesn't matter!! Crap, I feel like we are losing our voting privileges!! Why vote?
Anyone else frustrated out there?