Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Cheap Saturday Night Date

For cheap thrills, if you have a cat, just throw some packing paper on the floor, wait awhile, then let the games begin!
Elliott is such a funny cat. He can amuse himself (and me) for hours on end. I never tire of watching him. Here he is sneaking up on his tiger/birdie toy. He walks by it then turns and pounces on it!
Then he "kills" it for a few minutes then stuffs it somewhere and leaves, then he walks by it again and acts like he didn't know it was there then sees it and pounces on it again!!
I can spend alot of money on toys, but his favorite is the tiger/bird first, then paper and then cardboard boxes.
Of course Punkin would have none of that nonsense! She is above that! She would never be caught dead acting like a kitten! No way!!
I had a busy Saturday. Mary Lou gets mad when I do too much. I only have one day a week to call my own so I try to make the most of it. I had an hour meeting at noon then went shopping and got home at 6:30 tonight. I started doing things in the kitchen, sat down and did some crochet, got up and did some more in the kitchen, crocheted, kitchen, then went to the computer. I called FTD to order some flowers and was on the phone for a long time (their computers were down) As I was ordering, I heard a POP...POP...POP.POP...I jumped up and cursed and ran in the kitchen, and sure enough, the 6 eggs I put on the stove (on high of course) decided 20 minutes was way too long to burn so they popped out of the very dry pan all over the kitchen!! I mean ALL OVER!! The guy on the phone was trying not to laugh, then I started laughing, and we both were hysterical!! I got my wallet to get my credit card and egg pieces were even in my purse. That got him laughing harder! DANG, I should have taken a picture of the mess, but it is all cleaned up now.
I called my sister and asked if I could borrow her dog, but she said Sadie doesn't like eggs. Phhffft!
So how was your FULL MOON Saturday night?"

Be eccentric now.
Don't wait for old age to wear purple.