Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm ok

The test went just fine.
My sister picked me up and took me in about 1:00pm and I finally got into the operating room at 2:30. I was out by 3:00pm and home sleeping at 4:00pm.
Doc Z said all is fine, I have a few polyps but nothing to be concerned about. He took a biopsy of a couple and is sending them in. He will have the results by Friday. He's not concerned nor am I.
The funny part is, (most of you have heard this)I went to have a colonoscopy in 1999 and was all embarrassed because I know Doc Z pretty well, and I am very, painfully shy!! To have a friend (doctor or not) look up my butt was/is devastating! To ease the tension in the room I decided to pull a joke on him by writing hi or something on my butt. Well a few days before the procedure I was shopping and saw these wax lips with fangs.....

hehehehe my mind says to me...go ahead, buy them! So I did!!
I was wheeled into the room and I asked the crew to go along with the joke, so they did, reluctantly.
Doc Z came into the room and was very nice to me and was explaining everything to me. He was so kind I actually was feeling like a big heel with these wax lips sticking out my butt under the sheets. hehehehe
He gave me the drugs via IV and lifted the sheet, and all I remember is him yelling "OH MY G--D" and the crew giggling before I went under the effects of the drugs. He probably gave me an extra shot just to get back at me!
When he woke me up he was explaining the procedure and what they found, then he gave me the pictures of my diverticuli and the last picture was...yep..the wax lips! He said that was a copy, and he is saving the original for blackmail!! YIKES!
Back to today....Three nurses came up to me and asked if I was going to do anything this time, and I said no. They wheeled me into the operating room and the man that works the machines said "oh lookie here, what do you have for us today"? I said nothing. I think everyone was disappointed. Doc Z said that it startled him so much that day that he still has nightmares about it!! Then they made me gargle this thick icky liquid and then swallow it, then they sprayed me with more numbing junk. He was smiling, and I said you are really enjoying this aren't you!?! He just smiled.
I came home and ate a sandwich and slept for three hours. Now I am going to finish this and go back to bed.
Have a great Wednesday, folks!!

Why do doctors leave the room while you change?
They're going to see you naked anyway.