Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy Day in Port Townsend!

This is Debbie looking HAPPY! It is a long weird story, but to shorten it, she moved out from her boyfriends house and moved in with me for a few months until she can get on her own two feet. She is a Certified Nurses Assistant, and is looking to be a visiting healthcare worker. Also she can do chores. Well a couple at Church has a house cleaning business and needs help with some of their clients, and has taken Debbie under their wings and given her a head start on her own business. She got a call Friday night to clean a beach cabin the next day. She went there Saturday morning early and cleaned the cabin for three hours. The people really liked her and hired her to clean the cabins and house for them year round. AND....the cabin she just cleaned is available after Labor Day to rent. She asked how much and they said a high amount. She said she couldn't pay that much, so they negotiated, and she gets it for a much much lower rent! She moves in Sptember 5th! She is ecstatic!! God is working in her life!!

So any way, Debbie, Cheryl and I went to Port Townsend on the noon ferry Saturday after her great news! The ferry is two miles from my house. The big building you see is the Manresa Castle. It has a ghost in it and has been featured on television and in books.

This is the spit as we approach Port Townsend. It is about a 40 minute ferry ride from Whidbey island. I would guess about 5 miles. We are fortunate to live in this area. We have water, mountains, cities, and country all within an hour or two to get there..

My friends just HAD to get my picture, so I will make them happy and post it! I just don't know how to crop it to make me look skinnier! As you can see, I am now at the age where I need to wear hats in the sun! Oh Lordy, I am looking so much like my Aunt Peggy!!

So this is Debbie and Cheryl on the deck of the Ferry on the way home. We had a great day laughing and buying things!! I love to spend money on frivolous things!
Tomorrow I go to Burlington to Costco!!
Have a great Monday!! I sure will. I have all this week off!!

Just think.....
In just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday.