Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Old Fashioned 4th of July at City Beach Park

A bunch of us from Church got together for an old Fashioned 4th of July picnic. There was a carnival and booths selling crafts. We got there at 1:00 just as the parade was over so I got a great parking spot!! My sister hates me because there is ALWAYS a spot to park right in front!! Whenever we go anywhere, I find a spot and she calls me a witch! or was that bitch? Hmmmmm.

The pretty gal on the right is Debbie. She has been a friend of mine for 22 years. She is the one that kept asking me to go to Church with her. She finally found a Church that suited me!! We have a ball in it! The gal on the left is her daughter. She is out of college and pursuing her career.

The park we had our picnic in is at City Beach in Oak Harbor, and has a big windmill that doesn't turn. it looks good though. It was fun today. The sun was shining but the wind started up and was cool. That is why we left at 4. Now it is raining and thunder is heard in the distance, not fireworks!!

I am home for the night and will sit with my police scanner and watch television and listen to the local booms of fireworks.
I pray everyone stays safe and has a great 4th!! My sister had a family barbecue but I had already committed to the picnic in Oak Harbor. Dang!!