Thursday, July 27, 2006

Meet my "Auntie Mame"!

Meet Hildred Cyr. This lady is great! I went to pick her up on my Paratransit bus to take her to a public meeting for the bus, and first off she hands me a letter she got in the mail.
I read the letter out loud (no, I wasn't driving, I had another gal with me). Hildred used to be a second grade teacher. Her son was reading someone's blog and saw his mother's name. He saw that the gal was praising her second grade teacher "Hildred Cyr"! So he commented that Hildred was his mother! Well this gal wrote Hildred a 6 page letter telling her about how her life unfolded after second grade. Through all the schooling, college, law school etc, Hildred and her mother are the two most influential people in her life! I was crying while reading it, and so was Hildred and the driver. That was so special of that lady to write to Hildred. It made her day. No, it made her LIFE!!
I like to tell the drivers during training that it is important on how you treat the kids. You can make a difference in a kid's life if you treat them nice. Some of the kids are snotty and sarcastic, but deep down they are all good. They just need someone to show them that they have potential. When I was driving, the kids loved me.
All the way down the Island Hildred was talking about her life. (From prodding by me). She was wearing a button that said "War is not the answer". I mentioned the button, and that started a rant about G.W. Bush which I will not repeat! HAHAHAHA
This lady is why I work for the public! I love to meet people, and talk with them about their lives. I was smiling and told her she reminded me of "Auntie Mame"! She got a laugh on that one! She is a very independant, active person. I bet she burned her bra in the 70's!
Have you hugged your mom lately? Is there someone in your life that you remember that influenced you? Write them a letter! Don't just talk about it. Write the letter and mail it today! I did that for my dad when he was sick and I am forever grateful I did!
I sure miss him.
I sure miss my mom too!
Write that letter!

Have an awsome day,
and know that someone has thought about you today...