Sunday, May 29, 2005

Natures Beauty!

I saw this picture on an email and loved it!

We had a marvelous Worship today. The interim Pastor was hired as our permanent Pastor! Praise the Lord! He is a great speaker and he speaks from his heart. Nothing fake about that man at all. We all accept him with open loving arms!
Our topic today was Reconciliation. It focused on patching relationships in our lives and for us to look where we need to work on it. A great subject. Life is way too short for resentments to go between loved ones. So if you need to make amends or just rekindle a relationship, do it now.

I am having a barbecue this afternoon. It started out that Tom and Deb wanted to meet and pray over my brother for his back. Well they keep making new dates to meet, so I decided to have them all over to my house and let it go from there. Well I asked Tom and he said his two kids wouldn't feel comfortable without other kids, so I told him Chris my little friend and his family will be here too. Well I thought about my other friends Steve and Sheryl, and knew their feelings would be hurt if they found out they weren't included so I invited them too (we are a big family). Well speaking of family, Mary Lou my real sister would hear about it and wonder why she wasn't invited, so I asked her too. I just didn't know if she would feel comfortable with my Church friends, but after all, we are all one big family, well I was talking with my Neice and invited her too! (see where this is going)?
I can't do anything without going ALL OUT!!
So now I have 16 people coming over for a hot dog grill. Well I was shopping Friday and thought hmmm, maybe some people won't want hot dogs, so I bought hamburger makings too, well ya gotta have potato salad and baked beans...(see where this is going)? Yep...I spent $100.00 on enough food to have a barbecue every weekend for the rest of the summer!! HAHAHAHA I usually go camping this weekend and buy enough food for the entire campground. I live alone, folks, WHY DO I DO THIS? because I love to entertain!

I sure hope everyone enjoys the weekend!!
Take time to reflect on all the wars and all the people military and civilians alike that lost their lives or loved ones for the sake of our freedom. AMEN!

I saw this on coptalk's site and had to share it!!
2003: 114-year-old Indian twin sisters Kali Bi Sheikh & Batul Bi Sheikh die on same day. Decades earlier, both were widowed on same day, too.