Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Life is goood!
I was going to my Bible Study tonight and as I got out of my car I looked up and saw this Awesome work of God sitting on top of this tree!
He looked down at me and looked over to the building I was going to then I took the picture and he flew off flying low over the building then up over to the power pole. I got in and told the gals what I saw and realized I left my glasses in the car and went back out to the car and another Eagle flew over me to the tree!
I went back into the room and we did some serious talking and praying. One of the gals looked over to the low window and said "Look!" He was sitting in the grass right outside the window watching us! It was like he was trying to tell us something. God sure makes some beautiful creatures!

Don't cry because its over,
smile because it happened.

We prayed some more and

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