Saturday, May 28, 2005

I got my hugs tonight!

Tonight was my Friday night AA meeting. I love it. we have a great fellowship and we are all friends. We all hug each other and that makes it special.
Tonight I was sharing and a friend sat next to me and told me that a friend of ours got drunk in Mexico with her husband on a vacation and he beat her close to death. I left at half time to go to her house and another friend wanted to go with me. we went to my friends house and she was there by herself, and her face was black all along the left side! I asked what happened, and she told me her husband beat her. I said you both were drunk, weren't you? She got mad and yelled that he beat her close to death and that she was sick of everyone thinking it was because she was drunk.
WE all see patterns like this in AA. It takes two for fights. They both were drunk, but he went over the boundaries by beating her. But...this would not have happened if they were both sober. She told me he wanted her to drink so she did. Poor excuse, and she knows it. She has a restraining order out on him and thinks all will be well now. Well maybe it won't. He could very easily come to her (their) house and break in and beat the crap outa her or kill her. She knew what he was like before they got married, (a year and a half ago), and I tried to talk her out of it, but she followed her heart.
You cannot expect a person to change after you get married. Love is still blind I guess. It is the age old story.
I feel so blessed that I am a free spirit and will not put up with such behaviour!!
I don't know why some gals think that they have to have a man even if he beats her and makes her work while he stays home jobless. Sheesh!
Thank you Lord for letting me be who I am!!
You are all that I need!!

Meanness don't jest happen overnight.

P.S. It is Esther's birthday today!
Everyone pop over and wish her a Happy Birthday!