Sunday, May 22, 2005

I just couldn't resist this picture!

I get numerous e-mails, most of them jokes. I received this one the other day and I just couldn't resist posting it! It is just so FUNNY.
Ok, I guess I'm twisted.

I told my Testimony today again at Church and most of us were crying. I told them all about my upbringing in an alcoholic family then being an alcoholic myself, having a stillborn, then continuing drinking. Bartending, and in a very dull unhappy marriage. I then joined the Volunteer Fire Department which gave me some focus, and I got really drunk one night (June 21 1987) and made a fool of myself among the medics. A medic made a bet with me that I couldn't go 6 months without a drink, and the rest is history. (Yes I collected the $50.00 on December 21, 1987).

I then told them about my health starting to go bad at 48 years old, and how bad I was feeling this past Fall. I was morbidly obese taking insulin, unable to walk 20 feet without gasping for air, and my back was hurting me constantly. I was so depressed and feeling like I wouldn't last another 2 years. I was cleaning things out in my house and subconsciously making plans. I was training people at work how to do my job just in case I couldn't make it to work. On March 2, this year 2 days after an injection in my spine my Bible study gals came over and annointed my forehead with oil and prayed deeply over me asking God to heal me and give me energy. I was so very overwhelmed that they thought enough about me to do that!

Well miraculously the next few days my blood sugars were dropping which made me back off of my insulin, then a week later I stopped insulin all together. I'm not stupid enough to think that God cured me of Diabetes, but I do know He gave me the kick start to go off insulin and to eat right and exercise as much as I can. My back is still bad but not as bad. I have been off insulin now since March 18, and have lost 55 pounds. The week I quit insulin my breathing returned to normal. I feel so good now I feel guilty! I know it is going to be a long hard journey fighting this disease but I am so much better now!
I know most of you have heard this story too many times, but that is what happened to me today.
Yesterday I got to be among 4 other "retired old Firefighters" cutting the ribbon for the new Fire Station.
Hope everyone else had a good weekend! You Canadian friends up North are having a long weekend. ENJ)OY!! I am having a long weekend next weekend!!

* The best sermons are lived, not preached.


Phyllis said...

why is this little comment section here? How did I get two???

ddddddddddddddddddddd said...

Wow, not sure on the two comments section. Funny picture..

That is such an inspirational post. Awesome.

Anji said...

I pleased that your still off Insulin and keeping fit and well. That medic who made the bet all those years ago deserves a medal for saving you!

Anonymous said...

That pick is pretty funny!

Martie said...

Opps that was me...sorry about that. :)

thequeen said...

phyllis, that picture is hilarious, I have actually seen that happen, the stud gets so exhausted he basically just colapses. Very inspirational post btw. Very cool that you are doing so well now:)

ellen said...

There's no way I'd EVER get tired of reading a wonderful story like that, Phyllis. I'm so glad your physical, emotional and spiritual health have improved so much. God bless.

Leslie said...

I'm with ellen. Your story is such a good one that it bears repeating. I remember reading those entries of yours in the fall and feeling so bad for you that you were in so much pain. What a wonderful second shot you've had, Phyllis, and congratulations on losing 55 pounds. Wow. That's an amazing accomplishment.

The power of prayer really is amazing. I think it's wonderful that you have such devoted friends and it's so nice to see the "old" Phyllis back with a bounce in her step and who knows what hidden up her sleeve ;)

Brenda said...

I'm so very, very proud for you Miz Phyllis. (((HUGS)))

Joan said...

I can almost hear the joy in your voice when you tell your stories about beating the bottle and managing your illness. Keep er up!!

Rachel in AZ said...