Saturday, May 07, 2005

Man, what a day!!

Man, Friday was a FULL day!
I hit the floor running, being busy at work I put on a class then tried to get some paperwork done, but ended up stuffing it in a big basket and bringing it all home to sort out later. I got home around 4:00 to take a nap. I got on my bed and was getting comfortable and my 11 year old Mexican friend Chris came over. I swear he has radar, but I really love the kid so I got up. I have been teaching him how to work in stained glass, and gave him a project to do for his mother for mothers day.
I pushed him to finish the copper foiling so I could solder it together. While I was soldering, I showed him my "card making" cart and told him to pick a picture and he can make a card for his mother for mothers day. He went one better and found a love poem on the internet written in Spanish for the inside of the card. Then he started pasting it inside the card and saw all the goodies in the cart. He went wild and was so excited! I think he was more excited about the card than the candle shelter he made. But we finished it and got it wrapped. He wanted to rush it right over to her, but I made him wait until Sunday. He is soooo adorable and polite! He is full of love to give. He will go places I'm sure. He is very intelligent for a boy his age.
After all that I picked up a friend and took her to the AA speaker meeting. I got my hugs for the week there, and after the meeting We stopped and got some fat free no sugar added caramel swirl ice cream and some sugar free apricot jam and headed for an ice cream social at my Church. We got there at 9:30 and had our ice cream, and then started playing some game like charades, but it is timed. We laughed so hard we hurt. We acted like a bunch of 13 year old girls laughing out loud and shouting out some disgusting not so ladylike words!! You'd never know we were a bunch of "Church Ladies" at an "Ice cream social"!! But then I'm afraid I might have started yelling the crude words. One gal was trying to get us to say saddle, and kept jumping up and patting her butt. I yelled FART! Well that started it! The rest of the night was a real gas! Pun intended. We finally got out of there at 12:30 and I fell into bed at 1:30 totally exhausted, but so full of happiness!!
Ahhhhh Calgon take me away!

Happiness comes through doors you didn't even know you left open.

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