Thursday, July 01, 2010



1. Have I done things for my family or friends to cover up a feeling of failure?

2. Do I give things to my family or friends to make up for past failures?

3. Am I too concerned about the impression I'll make on strangers?

4. Am I always trying to make an impression on my friends?

5. Do I try to use a fancy vocabulary, fancy clothes, fancy manners to cover up my feelings of inferiority?

6. Do I try pretend to be a great philosopher and moralist in my talk without living the principles that I say?

7. Have I been a hypocrite in practicing my A.A. program?

8. Do I try to "con" my family? My friends?

9. Do I even try to "con" God?

10. Do I lie to cover up my failures?

11. Have I begun to believe my phoniness and alibis?

12. Do I run down others just to build up my ego and image?

13. What am I going to do with my phoniness?

14. How can I have the honesty and openness to avoid phoniness?

Two more to go then we move on to step five!

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