Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Where have I been?

I see I haven't posted in almost two weeks!
I was busy, then had a few days off and got the crud that is going around. I seem to be greedy and get every germ that passes by me!! I thought it was allergies, but nope! Any way, I am better. I went to the doctor today and he gave me an inhaler to use and told me to rest (yeah, right). So I went back to work and cleaned my office! Yikes, I actually threw away alot of old crap I was saving just because. Well I have no room for that, and all it does is collect dust to irritate my airways, so out they went! Now my boss will come in and ask if I had a certain document or folder or whatever. Please don't be reading this Martha!! {:-)
My brother started his new chemo treatment Monday and seems to sleep alot. It is so hard watching him go downhill. So hard. I posted my feelings on the Caring Bridge site, then Sherry posted her thoughts too. Go visit here: If you don't want to sign up just use my email address, then the password booboo00 the last two 00 are zeros not letters.
So that is where I have been lately. Busy then depressed, but hanging in there. Life goes on, and it is a beautiful Spring day today after the snow around us the past few days!!
And Baseball Season is upon us!! GO MARINERS!!