Saturday, April 26, 2008

The sun is back!!

Elliott enjoying a sunbeam on the couch.
Tomorrow I head to Leavenworth. (The town, not the prison).
It is in the Cascade Mountains just East of Stevens Pass. The State Transit systems get together once a year to have a conference on issues dealing with person's with disabilities.
Leavenworth is a Bavarian looking village and is sort of centrally located so all the systems have a chance to get there. Last weekend it would have been hard to get to with all the snow we were having. Today it is 70 degrees and sunny! I will be glad to get off the Island and do something different from the every day stuff here.

My brother is doing better on his new chemo. I don't know if it is shrinking the tumors any, but he is tolerating it much better! Before, he was acting weird and not in focus. Now he is back to being my brother. Sherry and I were talking a few weeks ago and she mentioned that she missed Mike. I asked what she meant, and she said he just isn't the same. He acts doped up (which he is) on the medications. We prayed together and I asked the Lord for healing, but if he won't heal, we'd like to have my brother back, we'd like to have Sherry remember his last days with warmth. Well since he started the new chemo he is actually acting like his old self. Sherry and I hugged each other and said "Thank you Lord". He listens.

Today I am grateful for my brother.

I am leaving after Church tomorrow and will return on Tuesday night. You won't miss me, because I seem to only post once a week or two. But y'all have a good week!!