Friday, April 18, 2008

Is this april?????

Lookie here folks, we have SNOW!! It is APRIL fercrissakes!
I was driving home from my AA meeting tonight and it was hailing, then snowing, then lightening, and 1" of slush on the road. It is 33 degrees now and they are forecasting heavy snow this weekend! WHAAAAAA????? Ok, I'll admit it, I love it. I like anything out of the ordinary. I am a weather freak and always look for extremes. At least we aren't getting tornadoes or earthquakes!
Anyone else getting weird weather?

Sorry I have been absent, I have writers block....actually I have trouble talking too. It seems I can't keep my concentration focused. I was sharing at the AA meeting last week and changed subjects in the middle of a sentence then I heard myself and lost my train of thought. I realized I just interrupted myself so I shared that and shut up. My friend Jane thought that was the funniest thing she has ever heard!! I guess it is kind of funny.