Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Goodbye Ron

We say goodbye to Ron Edwards, a graduate of Coupeville High School (1965?). I knew him from school (an upper classman). He also played drums in the band the Sceptre's in 1968. Later, he was a Deputy Sheriff then a Detective, then moved to California. He got cancer last year and was told in June that he had 6 months to live. In December he wrote a note to my brother on the Caring Bridge Site:

Dear Mike, I heard about your site from Pam Young. I am so sorry to hear of your illness. One thing you must do is stay positive and believe that you will get well. It is a real struggle , to say the least. I know somewhat of what hell has been placed in your path but from experience I can tell you, "Don't give up!" not for a moment. The chemo is an awful stuff but it can and does help. Keep eating and keep up your strength. Obviously many people love you and care and that is such a solace to anyone. Always remember that you will beat this, it does not have you.

I remember you as a young man and you don't seem the type to let this thing get the best of you. I have had numerous speed bumps placed in my path over the years but like you my life has been placed in others hands. Six months ago I went to the hospital with what I thought was phnemonia. turned out to be a large tumor in my left lung and cancer of the bones, liver and all. I was much more fortunate than you when it came to them getting me on chemo. When the Doctor told me I had six months I asked that we get started right away and he started that day. That was on June 13th of this year. I am past my six months and I am still here writing this note to you. Anything is possible Mike, this is the voice of experience. Hold your head up, be positve and believe in yourself. You can do it. Once you get over the initial illness of the chemo it will get better. I have found my peace in the fact that so many of the people I knew in my past are back in my life, supporting me and now you are finding the same. God bless you my friend and continue on, and no matter what, NEVER QUIT.

Ron Edwards

He fought to the end and that came today at 12:18 Pacific time.
Goodbye Ron. I'll see you on the other side!!