Sunday, April 17, 2005

My heart is full today

Wow, my heart is so full of love! I had a marvelous busy week.
I was so looking forward to yesterday to sit around and do NOTHING! I slept until 10:30 and got up and dressed, ate breakfast and then looked at a bookmark I made for my little 11 year old Mexican friend and was wondering what he was up to today and someone knocked on the door. It was Chris. He asked if I had the phone number to a new friend of his because there is a birthday party at the pizza parlor for him today, and he wanted to know which pizza parlor. It just so happpened I had the number and was thrilled to be able to take him to the party. It was for the son of my Pastor friend that I hadn't seen in awhile. So we found out where and I took him to the party. I had some small bubble containers so grabbed them. We had a blast. Well ok, I had a blast I don't know about him! We stopped at Walmart and I noticed he threw some little $3.00 item in my cart so sneaky like. I just smiled.
I took him home and was going to nap and he showed up at my door again telling me he was going to beat me at Scrabble! HA! so we played Scrabble for an hour, then I had to go to my Boss's house for Dinner. My Boss is in Europe on a Transportation study and her hubby is home with the three little adorable adopted Chinese girls. They ar 2, 4 & 6 years old. After dinner I made some sugar free lemon sorbet and told him to get out of the house for a few hours to get some air. He hesitated then ran like the dickens! We watched the movie "Jersy Girl' which was good then half of Lion king 1 1/2. He got home about 10:30, so I got home and fell into bed!
I got up today and went to Church and felt so overwhelmed with love. The people there are great and we all love each other alot! Then after Church I came home for my small group meeting at noon and now I am alone at 2:30 and going to take a nap!
Catch up with everyone later!!

How do they get deer to cross the road only at those yellow road signs?
And do they all hop across the street like the picture shows?

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