Friday, April 01, 2005

I'm a baaaaad girl!!

Okay, this is the trailer two doors down from me. This is where the creep lives that has a friend of mine more or less enslaved there!

I saw her tonight at a meeting and pulled her aside and told her to run for her life! To get away from that creep! He is dangerous and he will kill you!
Her eyes got really big, and I told her that he won't let her come over to my house or call me will he? And he won't let her use the phone? He won't let her go anywhere alone! The couple that brought her to the meeting were trying to get her out, then stopped and listened to me. I looked at the guy and told him to call the chief of police if he doubts a word I am saying! He said he was a good friend of Don's then I told him Don's history. He paled and told her to get away from him. I doubt she will but I tried to help her.

Any way, while Don was in the trailer with all the curtains pulled I stuck this poster on his house and ran away giggling like a little girl!

heeheehee He used to deal drugs. (probably still does).
Ohhhh, I'm bad! Yes my door is locked and I have weapons near by!

If you want a committed man, look in a mental hospital.

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