Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Is that the Easter Bunny?

I have had a weird week.
What else is new, huh?
There is a neighbor two trailers down from me that is a pervert. He is a drug addict and sexual pervert! His wife finally got smart (after being held captive and beaten at her own house by her weird husband) and escaped with the kids and she is in another State now. Well there has been a car parked in front of his trailer now for over a week, and I just had a bad feeling. I asked the next door neighbor if he has seen any action over there, and he said come to think of it, no!
It is VERY unusual for him to have his curatins closed. He likes to walk around naked in full view of anyone he hopes is looking. I called the town Marshall today and told him "I know I read way too many detective books, but this guy might have a woman captive there". The Marshall said they have been keeping an eye on the place and ran the plates on the car and the woman lives there now and they both are on State assistance which is illegal.
Well I got a call today from a friend and she was worried about the weird guy that another friend of ours is going to marry! Then it all came together in my head! OMG it's Terry! So I called her 95 year old father who is deaf, so asked to talk with his wife. The wife is really nice. I told her my suspicions, and she said "that's odd, because every time I try to call Terry at the house she is at, he hears every thing I say. there are speakers all over the house on the phone"!
She also said that Terry cannot check the phone messages at her house without him there. Hmm. I said well don't you think that is strange??? She said well yes! I told her all about the guy's past and told her that her daughter is in danger!!I gave her the town Marshalls name and phone number and told her to call him and report that she suspects her step daughter being held captive!!
Well at least it will give the cops a valid reason to go check on her and search the house.
If she chooses to stay with him, I can guarantee she will be dead within months!
DANG!!! All she wants is for some nice man to come sweep her off her feet and take care of her and now she is hooked up with this insane pervert!
I am afraid of the guy or I would go knocking on the door to go get her and drag her to detox (again). But I care about and love all my friends and it rips my heart out when I see a perfectly nice person get swept up in drugs and alcohol and freaks!
I am Soooo lucky I never got that bad! I have too much of a free spirit mind to need to be taken care of. (But it would be nice)......Naw!
Have a great Wednesday everyone!!

Life is unfair...I've gone from hiding the "kotex" in the shopping cart, to hiding "poise". For all you younguns out there poise is a pad for bladder control!! You know, when you sneeze and drip, or laugh really hard? No...you don't, do you? Dang. just wait, you'll find out!

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