Sunday, March 13, 2005

5 Questions

Okay, I'll play. Leslie sent me these questions for me to answer.:

1. Finish this sentence:
If I had known then what I know now:

I wouldn't change a thing! It would make me a different person, and I like who I am.

2. What one thing do like the most about yourself?
My daring sense of humor.

3. Describe in detail what would be your perfect day.
Wake up at 10:00 AM with no pain and jump on the Alaska State Ferry in Bellingham and return a week later.

4. Would you want to know the exact date of your death?
Absolutely not!

5. Who had the most influence on you in your childhood and in what ways did they influence you?

Ted Christianson. He was a druggist in Coupeville and Hired me when I was 16 and on probation for stealing. He asked me if I'd like to work there and I told him I was on probation but he hired me anyway. He trusted me and gave me a chance in life. He was an adult that gave kids a chance.

Happy Monday everyone!

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