Thursday, March 03, 2005


Ok, I like to share my good times and bad times on this blog. Like it or not, it is what has happened in my life. Most of you know I lived a pretty wild life of an alcoholic for 20 years and now for almost 18 years (June 21 will be 18) I have been sober.
I found a nice little funky Church "Christ the King" I like to go to. I was Baptized on June 21 2003.
I don't go preaching to people to save yourselves and repent, (although at times certain people think I do) hehehehe. I just get all excited when something neat happens in my life and I like to share my fun!
Well I have been dealing with horrendous pain down my left leg for two months now, and it has become unbearable! I finally went to the doctor and had an MRI done and was given the choice to have an epidural steroid injection in my back. I had one before and it worked wonders for 4 months, so I said YES!
Well I had it done Tuesday morning, and yesterday I was hurting just as bad and was feeling sorry for myself.
Well amazing things happened to me yesterday!
#1 I was talking with my sister on the phone and told her how bad I felt, and I looked out at the sky and there was a cloud that looked liked the head of a snowman with a big smile on his face like he was saying "Don't Worry, Be Happy"! I yelled at it to shut the heck up!! hehehehe well I don't think those were my exact words.
Anyway, I then thought it was funny and asked for forgiveness for my potty mouth and felt a little better.
#2 I got a knock at my door at 5:30 and there were two little 11 year old Mexican boys on my porch, and I said "ok, what're you selling"? , and they said nothing, here's some flowers for you because we think you are a nice lady! Aww, Gee! I asked them in and gave them each a hug and told them I was feeling sorry for myself and they came by at the right moment for me! I offered them a coke and we were visiting when my Bible study group showed up. They knew I was hurting so they came to my house instead of having me go sit on the hard chairs. I introduced the kids to them and the kids left. (They came back tonight and played Scrabble with me).
#3 My friend Deb asked if I would mind if they anointed me and pray to God to heal me. Well I was embarrassed but very honored so I said sure. I have never seen that done before. They each (4) put oil on their fingers and made a cross like sign on my forehead and layed their hands on me and prayed for God to heal me, and to take the pain from my body. I was awed by the gesture! As they said the prayer I could smell the oil and it was wonderful! I did not wash my forehead last night! Well the pain did not go away like that so we went on to read the next chapter in the Bible that we were on . I read ACTS 3 Peter heals the crippled Beggar! We all looked up and we all got the goosebumps! Let me tell you that was weird!
I went to work today and two people asked if I felt better because I don't have that stressed out look on my face like I have had. Hmmmm.
I just HAD to share this with you!!

I'm getting into swing dancing.
Not on purpose...some parts of my body are just prone to swinging.

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