Friday, February 04, 2005

It's My Birthday!!

Boy, I feel SPOILED!!!
Thank you everyone for the special birthday wishes, and a few surprises in the mail!!
My sister brought a big birthday cake to the office and everyone sang and had fun. She made two more pages for my scrap book!
She also made my Birthday Card!
She made me is what it said:

Sisters are the best of friends,
They really can't be beat,
But none are wonderful as you,
So pretty or so sweet.
Your gentle wit and wisdom
Can comfort and enrich.
So on your birthday, Phyllis....
Try not to be a bitch!
Mary Lou
Now who can say they have such a thoughtful sister as I do?
Kim & Kristal are pretty close, but they don't match Mary Lou!!
Thanks, Sis!!

~Any woman can have the body of a 21-year-old,
as long as she buys him a few drinks first. ~

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