Thursday, September 02, 2010

Still going to Weight Watchers...

Ok it has been a month and 1/2 since I joined Weight Watchers. I have officially lost 22 pounds. It has slowed way down but I feel tremendously better. Like I mentioned in my previous blog, my breathing has improved. I had a hard time (still do at times) getting rid of the butter and the red fatty meats. About twice a day I have a snack attack urge. I keep fresh fruit around for that, but I really would love to open up a can of vienna sausages and devour it! I bought a case of barbecue vienna sausages and a case of smoked vienna sausages a while back. The calories aren't bad, and the entire can is only 4 points, but it is junk food and bad for you. I keep them along with velveeta cheese and spam for my disaster supplies. They never go bad they are so full of preservatives!

I am really trying hard to keep it to fresh foods and not so much processed junk. I do not use sugar, I have honey for sweetening things. I do buy the Sandwich thins buns which are only 1 point or 100 calories each. I am not much of a bread eater, so it satisfies me. Instead of hamburger, I buy the frozen salmon patties from Costco, cook them up and use only 1 teaspoon of mayo, and some lowfat cheese and a big slice of beefsteak tomato. NUM!!

Another good meal is a frozen chicken with caramalized onion & gouda cheese patty from Costco, 1 ounce grated lowfat mozarella cheese, smothered with sauteed mushrooms & oions, and drizzle some Balsalmic glaze over it. NUM!

Sherry smiled at me and said I am having way too much fun with this. well I am. It is exciting trying new things and making it a challenge to keep it healthy and fat free and keep my blood sugars down. I am backing down from my insulin by about half!

I joined the local gym today. I went after the Weight Watchers meeting and got on the treadmill. I lasted 5 minutes. Okay, maybe tomorrow I can last ten minutes!

Baby steps steps. They have yoga classes, and Zumba colasses, and cardio classes. They are all held upstairs. That's my cardio right there, climbing up those stairs!!

Later folks!


Anji said...

Congratulations! 22lbs is a lot, keep on having fun finding new things to eat. I like the idea of cardio classes being held upstairs - a hidden benefit - I hope they don't have a lift/elevator.

Phyllis said...

I wish they did, Anji! My hips and knees are arthritic ridden!

Anonymous said...

I think you're doing great!

In 2007, When I started having problems with the bulging discs in my back, the pain was so bad that I lost my appetite. And I lost 20+ lbs. very quickly. I've changed my diet for the's a lot like yours...and I've kept most of that weight off. I know being thinner is better for my back and joints...and I no longer need BP meds. BTW, I use Smart Balance spreads instead of butter or margarine. They're really good and not bad for you. I also like their peanut butter.