Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sticking with it!

I better update this. I started Weight Watchers July 11th. I got really serious about a week later, by counting, weighing, no snacking, brain washing myself. I am 11 pounds lighter. I know it isn't going to fall off over night. It did when I was younger but the older we get our metabolisms die and we do not lose weight as easy. In fact we eat less and gain more! The weight piled on me as Diabetes took over my life. I have alot of stress at work and I come home exhausted. I have three years until I retire.
Fast forward to now. I have finally surrendered and have commited myself to a healthier lifestyle. If I don't lose weight as fast as I want, oh well. I feel better and that is a plus. I am a protein addict. I don't eat alot of carbs, so giving up bread, pasta and potatoes was easy. I decided to give up red meat. Pork (except ham) and beef. I could bite a cow as it walks by me I love beef so much so I have to give it up. I would not trim off the fat (the best part). And BUTTER! and MAYONNAISE!! So I have taken the main fats out of my diet and sugars.
My blood sugars are down to 110-130 in the mornings and 87-110 in the evenings. That is good. normal is 75-110.
And guess what....I can breathe! My lungs are not inflamed like they were. My leg (I am having operated on in September) has improved. The crippling arthritis is not as bad. The inflamation in my body has gone down! I asked my doctor a month ago if I was eating something to make me so inflamed and prone to infections, and he said no. Well he was wrong. I googled "anti-inflamatory foods" and found a whole diet!! In fact Dr. weil has a good food pyramid that shows what is good for you. I am more or less keeping that in mind. I make my own "sweet tea" I simmer some fresh minced ginger for a half hour then add green tea bags let it steep and add honey or organic blue agave sweetener. It is great, and ginger is one of the best for anti-inflamatory foods, as is cinnamon, blueberries and cherries. Can you feel the excitement I am feeling? I knew some of this before, but it wasn't my time I guess. God has opened up a new door for me so I jumped through and am enjoying the ride!! I have to enjoy myself in anything I do. I am just waking up from a deep two year depression I didn't realize I was in. WHEW!! Thank you Lord!!


Dawn said...

YEAH !!!! You have to feel so much better. I can tell. You have really turned your life around. This is where I am blogging !

Anji said...

You sound much better. Keep up the good work. 11 pounds in a month sounds like good going to me. I'm sure that as we get older if we eat badly we suffer from it

Anonymous said...

Oh, Phyl, I'm so proud of you. You're doing great!!