Saturday, October 04, 2008

She's gonna VOTE!!!

I am so proud of my neighbor!
I have lived next door to her for 18 years and she just LOOOOVES to argue politics. During one of our heated arguments I asked her who she voted for, and she said she doesn't vote. "WHAAAT?! you don't vote?!" I yelled. I then told her I wouldn't listen to her bitchin about someone she didn't vote against!
About a year later she got to bitchin again and I stuck my fingers in my ears and said "lalalalalalalala I don't hear you!" She then said that she voted! Yay I said.
Well this year I found out that she lied to me just so we could debate! Hmmmppppff!
She came to the fence this morning as I was getting in my car to go to work, and asked where and how she could register to vote! WHAT??? My smile covered my entire face. I reached in my car and gave her a voter registration card. I just happen to carry them with me for people that I visit for Paratransit. Some of them just moved here from other parts of the Nation, so I make sure they have their chance to vote! Tonight she called me during the 11:00 news and told me she won't be able to get the registration in the mail by noon tomorrow. I said BULLSH-T! I ran over there and helped her fill it out then we both got in my car at midnight, in the rain, (her in her robe), and we drove to the Post Office and mailed the registration!!!
She said she watched the vice presidential debate last night and decided that she does not want that bimbo gal as president of the United States!! She said it took a dang woman to get her off her butt and vote, so there!! I am tickled pink about this! She is 92 years old and registered to vote! But gee, now that she is voting, and we argue politics, I guess that means we are cancelling out each other's vote....hmm. Oh well, at least we voted!!
So.......are you registered?
Too late now, but not too late for the next election. Go to the voters office in your County Courthouse and get a handful of Registration cards and keep them with you for friends or family that are not registered.
I pray for this Nation.